"During my career, I have worked on many support and maintenance projects using various Technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, and Silverlight. In order to take my career to the next level, I wanted to get into core development role. Road ahead solution has provided with the perfect guideline and path to build the skills required to make that career move. It covers the basics of all the areas of software development including front and backend development, performance, documentation, release and deployment management, etc. Apart from technical skills, the program also focuses on building soft skills such as communication skills, working with teams, leading and mentoring team members, cultivating a positive attitude, etc. Step by step tasks breakdown and one to one mentoring from Vidya Vrat Agarwal sir make the career goals achievable. I would like to Thank Vidya Sir for all his time and guidance that helped me make the right career moves.Kritul Rathod Software Developer, Clean Code Enthusiast.
— Kritul Rathod,
Mr. Vidya Vrat has always been an inspiration and mentor to me. He is so clear with his thoughts and vision which reflects even when he consults someone. It helps one taking right decisions at right time. He also has tremendous and deep knowledge of .NET technology. His blog topics focus on even little concepts which we sometimes just ignore and outcome is a poor, inefficient code. The topic explanation is also very helpful, practical, and easy to understand. I really thank him for whatever help he is providing to all youngsters towards achieving their career goals in efficient manner. I am obviously one of them. I wish him good luck for all his future endeavors!! Technology Lead @ Infosys Ltd.
— Vaibhav Sharma, Architect
Each individual will have a career aspirations and lot of energy to achieve it. But we need a mentor who can channelize all our energy and guide to our destinations. Here we have Vidya who has 16+ years of vast experience in IT Industry, who is very much humble to put himself to our shoes, understand us and give the guidance to put into right directions. No matter whether you’re fresher, experienced trying to grow as architect or manager, distance between you and your destination will be reduced by leveraging Vidya’s experience.
Today is very big day for me as I promoted to Technical Lead Role. Around 8 months ago I was very confused that WHAT and HOW I can move into my next role from Senior Software engineer to Technical Lead. I was doing continuous learning and trainings but it’s not in disciplined way and regular. Then one day I saw “RoadAheadSolution” Website and I came in contact with Vidya Vrat Agarwal. He called me and explained how I can achieve my Career goal with .NET Career Road map program. That discussion with Vidya was so impressive and on the same day I subscribed to the program. The tasks defined in the road map are very tremendous and diversify from all kind of areas like technology, resume building, personality development, job hunting, certifications etc. The major highlight of the program is the Knowledge webinars conducted by Vidya. I regularly completed career road map tasks and within 8 months I moved to next role.I want to say thanks to Vidya for creating this kind of platform.
— Pankaj Bajaj, Tech / Team Lead
Road Ahead Solution is an encouraging learning platform for all level of IT professionals such as Software developer, Automation Tester, Technical Lead, Architecture and Project Manager especially in .NET technologies. Now I can say, in this platform has complete career package including learning technology, certifications, resume building, personality development, one to one discussion and job hunting etc. which is not possible on other sources. It is basically self learning and evaluation tool to track your progress regularly, it is helping me a lot to drive my career to the next level. Vidya Vrat is one of the compasses who is guiding us to show the right direction with timely help and advice. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information and excellent material. Being a regular reader from a long time of your articles on your Blog, I have most of this material but this career package is completely different and amazing. Thanks, I greatly appreciate all your efforts.
— Ashish Sharma, Automation Eng. / SDET
"Dreams are what guide us, art is what defines us, math is what makes it all possible, and love is what lights our way" I always want to be technically strong in my career path and want to be a successful Software Architect. I do a lot of research, reads a lots of blogs article, and in this "GOOGLE" word i have all the knowledge that is required to be successful Architect, but now the problem start, and now the problem start with "HOW", and at this point "Road Ahead Solutions" helps me lot. There is a proper well defined road map and proper task list where you can see your progress and at particular time where are you, you can analyse yourself.This is the program where you compete with yourself and not with others (which is toughest according to me)and above all proper guidance anytime i can get from my mentor - Vidya Vrat Agarwal sir. So at the end i would like to say about Road Ahead Solutions that "It's a program which helps you to attain your dream in technology world.
— Vivek Tripathi, Architect
"My Dream is to become a Software Architect in future but i don't know which steps to follow,how to go,how to focus on that goal. I was confusing day by day but I found Road Ahead Solution Career mentorship website and after lots of research I have subscribed to career mentorship program,learned lots of things from basic to high and now feel confidant that i am on right track and on right direction to become Software Architect in future.Thanks to my mentor Road Ahead solution and special thanks to greatest person Vidya Vrat Agarwal sir for making such type of great knowledge library."
— Vithal Wadje, Developer /SDE